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9 Untapped eCommerce Niche Markets with High Potential in 2019

Are you looking for a niche market with the untapped potential to make a killing in the eCommerce space? You’re probably a starter looking for the ideal niche to kickstart your dropshipping venture. Or maybe you’re a veteran who realized that the competitiveness in the general market is biting huge chunks off your margin. Regardless, you can quickly capitalize on an underserved niche and make a killing in 2019.

Here’s the thing, there are customers out there who’ll be thrilled that someone has noticed their needs, and they will reward you with sales. But how do you determine or discover the untapped niche markets? Through research, a whole load of research. To get you started, we’ve done our research and compiled a list of 9 promising eCommerce niche markets.

 1. Smart Backpacks

Life in the modern age revolves around gadgets and the internet. So how do YouTube stars, Vloggers, IT experts, business people, digital entrepreneurs, or even a random mum journey from one place to another? With a backpack – smart backpacks come with a wide array of utilities and geeky extras such as USB, RFID, and Bluetooth to meet the needs of these digital nomads. But there’s one catch, ensure the products are high quality!


 2. CBD Products for Pets

CBD oil has been touted as a promising remedy for more health problems than you can count with your fingers. This is a largely untapped market due to the murky waters surrounding legalization of hemp and cannabidiol (CBD). But as more countries acknowledge the therapeutic potential of CBD and legalize the cannabis extract, a lucrative market ensues – President Trump signed the Farm Bill 2018 on December 20, legalizing hemp in the United States.

But why CBD products for pets? People were willing to spend as much as $72 billion on their pets in 2018. Now, combine this unyielding love for pets with the health benefits of CBD oil, and you have an untapped niche market.

 3. Feminine Products

It’s time for the millennial woman – a woman who is proactive and environmentally conscious. Consider innovative products that make a woman’s life easier amid their busy lifestyles juggling careers, families, and their social media presence. A good example is feminine care products such as biodegradable panty liners.

 4. Ethical and Sustainable Clothing

Ethical clothing is not a new topic. Some sections of the clothing industry have occasionally come under fire for questionable manufacturing techniques and material. As more attention and global awareness are drawn to the environmentally-friendly lifestyle, you can capitalize on this commendable trend to make a profit. You can focus on specific niches such as environmentally conscious bikers.

 5. Minimalist Watches

Watches are far from being branded an ‘untapped niche.’ But when you narrow down into the tastes and preferences of a particular segment of the watch-lover market, you might stumble on a promising product – case and point, the minimalist watches for people who don’t like ‘noise.’


 6. Maternity Products

What can you offer pregnant women to ease their struggles during pregnancy? They deserve all the care and attention for dedicating 9months of their lives to create life. You can narrow down the niche to include skin care products to reduce stretch marks, specialized pillows, or even maternity clothing.

 7. Home Security

Home invasion is terrifying! Home security is a niche market that can help customers sleep with peace of mind while you make a decent profit. The market ranges from deterrence (tasers, pepper spray, alarms, etc.) to detection (sensors, cameras, etc.). Think of products such as an invisible fence to prevent your pet from wandering off or a sensor to alert the owner if a child falls in the pool.

 8. Special Needs Cosmetics

Cosmetics is arguably one of the most profitable markets in the eCommerce space – even celebrities seem to realize its potential. However, mass cosmetics are meant for the general market, which is highly competitive. So where do customers with harsh skin problems and conditions turn to? Special needs cosmetics may include beauty and body products for people with vitiligo or highly sensitive skin.

 9. Bonsai Tree

To cap off our list of 9 untapped niche markets for 2019, we suggest the bonsai tree. Whether for decorative purposes or spiritual reasons, the dwarfed tree is a niche market on its own. Why? You’ll rarely find appropriate tools to care for these trees in your average gardening store.


 Winding Up

The best products in the eCommerce world have a clear target audience. With this in mind, the ideas in this article are just a jumping off point to make a killing in 2019. We strongly advise you to conduct your own research – combine a passionate target audience with a promising product niche.

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